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Stress-Free Legal Process Services, including Court Filing & Skip Tracing

At C.A. Process Service, we provide legal process services for cases of all sizes. Contact us in Mission Hills, California, to request more information about court filing, skin tracing, and other services for your legal needs.

Court Filing

File your court documents in minutes with our easy court-filing services. We offer daily pickup and drop-off for clients to make their paperwork filing fast and efficient. Take advantage of the following:

  • Automated Status Updates
  • Client Log-in Capabilities
  • Better Communication Than the Sheriff’s Department
  • Affordable Fee Rates
  • Rush & Same-Day Services

County-Recording Services

Avoid waiting for your documentation to be processed and filed. Receive it the same day with our convenient county-recording services. We provide you with important records, liens, and other documentation in a simple, hassle-free process.

Skip Tracing

Whether a person in question is involved in a judgment debt or being sued, skip tracing allows us to locate that person anywhere in the U.S. We provide you with our findings, including the street address, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information to locate and process the individual.


When a defendant in a divorce case evades service of process, we track down the person of interest and ensure they follow through with the necessary steps in their divorce case. This allows for the case to go ahead smoothly and in the shortest amount of time.

Law Firms

C.A. Process Service offers daily pickup and drop-off for law firms at reasonable monthly retainer rates. References are available upon request.

Private Individuals

We have in-house, private investigation services for the public, law firms, and collection agencies. Contact us to request our investigative services.

Additional Services

  • Custom Pricing for Large Volume Collection Agencies
  • Discounted Rates for NAPPS Members
  • Proofs Service
  • Contract Paralegal Services
  • Fax Filings
  • Service of Writs
  • Small Claims
  • Bank Levies
  • Court Filings
  • Cross Complaints
  • Record Subpoenas
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Writs of Execution
  • Title Searches
  • Messenger Services
  • Asset Searches
  • Investigation Services
  • Walk-through Writs
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • Restraining Orders
  • Evictions & Foreclosures
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Notices and Letters
  • Probate Matters
  • Family Law

Submit your request now! Just click here. If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives about your needs, call us today at (818)424-9934